women sex machines

Okay, we all know that look. He'll give you this when all he can think about is stripping you naked and going to town. My male friend was quick to tell me that there was never a time he didn't want to rip off your clothes and devour you. He usually waits for your cue and then moves on. Well, either women are sometimes ignorant and unfocused (which I think is extremely unlikely), or this statement about men is 100 percent untrue because men need a little, shall we say, motivation from time to time?

So, if this does happen, here are some tips to get your man up to Grade A.

1# Do your bare Duty (when he's not close enough to put his hand on you)

I'm sure you've heard that men are visual creatures. Well, it's true. In general, men do respond more strongly to visual stimuli than women. So give him something to feast his eyes on: pose in sexy underwear and send him your sexiest selfie. Try to do it when he's busy with work or something and can't reach you. It's bound to raise his expectations for game time when he gets home.

Bonus: When he does come home, wait for him at the door in the sexy underwear you wore in the photo. That would make him very excited.

# 2 Let him suck you in

While you're doing simple things like folding laundry, hugging, and watching TV, put on his favorite perfume. When we encounter a pleasant smell, our brain releases chemicals called pheromones, which make us associate with the person and the environment associated with the pleasant smell. (Hint: It's always a good idea to use a spray that contains pheromones!)

Moreover, our sense of smell is directly related to our sense of taste. By catering to this two-in-one sensory combination, you're indirectly giving him a taste of how good you taste, releasing more connections and attracting pheromones. How long before he tells you how good you smell? Better yet, he might skip the conversation and get closer to you.

Bonus: If you already have a special perfume or scent, you know you can light his fire. Spray lightly on your sheets or curtains before he arrives. Now sit back and wait for the pheromones to arrive!

3 # shopping!

When it comes to smells and pheromones, there's nothing wrong with a little ambience. Of course, men aren't as romantically stimulated as we are, but they're visual creatures, as we've already discussed. Seeing you bathed in the candlelight of a bubble bath, surrounded by massage oil candles, his brain and other areas should receive some very clear messages. Let his interest peak and his hand will surely follow.

Bonus: The scent of vanilla, lavender, cinnamon and pumpkin pie has been proven to elicit the highest sex drive in men (don't mix them). So try a candle or a bubble bath that makes his mouth water.

4# Put on a show

Obviously, recitals are usually performed behind closed doors, without an audience. So, the thought of your man watching you do your thing might be a little scary. But if you trust him and can relax around him, give him backstage passes and give you time. Grab your favorite vibrator from your nightstand drawer and head to town. Not only will it make you feel happy and excited during the main event, but trust me, he will love it.

Okay, so your man probably doesn't really need much help getting his engine started when he's with you, but a little spice can't hurt anyway. Give it a try!