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Have you ever put down BOB(battery-powered best friend) after masturbating to see how long your beloved device will last? You're not alone! When buying a sex toy, all factors must be considered, such as the features it offers, the different Settings, or how long it will last.

In response to the question "How long do sex toys last?" Is a crucial question that can help you decide whether a toy will last a lifetime or only a few months. Read on to help you choose a toy that will last until your retirement.
What are my sex toys made of?!
The longevity of sex toys depends on two factors. The first is the material composition of your toy, and the second factor is how you take care of it, which will be our next.

The good news is that many modern toys are made of high quality materials. If you've ever found a cheap toy and wondered why its price is so low, it probably contains substandard materials. You might pay more for a quality toy, but you might just have to buy one instead of constantly changing for a toy that will soon go bad.

The silicone toys
So how can you tell if your sex toy is durable? Know your material, of course!

Silicone is a typical sex toy material that can last forever. Silicone can take up to 500 years to decompose, so a silicone toy can last a lifetime with proper care.

Glass and stainless steel toys.
Glass or stainless steel toys are also high quality options. Glass and stainless steel toys can last a lifetime if done right. Obviously, don't drop your glass dildo on concrete or anywhere hard.

Jelly or soft rubber toys
Jelly or soft rubber degrades faster. These toys are also porous, which means they contain tiny holes. These holes trap bacteria, making them impossible to clean and increasing your risk of contracting yeast or bacterial vaginosis (BV). Jelly or soft rubber can last from several months to a year. Another cautionary suggestion is that jelly toys or soft rubber may contain phthalates, a possible carcinogen that is terrible for reproductive health and sperm production. In other words, it's not a chemical you want to touch!

Leather toys
Typically, leather toys used for BDSM are porous, so it is impossible to completely sterilize them. If you choose to use leather toys, such as whips or crops, it is best to keep them away from bodily fluids.

How to prolong the life of your sex toys
There are several things you can do to extend the life of your toy and keep it ringing for decades to come. First, you should make sure to clean the toy properly every time. Proper cleaning can reduce the risk of infection and extend the life of toys.

To clean your sex toy properly, make sure you know what material it is made of, as there are different cleaning recommendations for different materials. For silicone, glass, and stainless steel toys, wash with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap for at least 30 seconds, and be sure to remove any liquid or residue.
Do not completely immerse leather toys in water, dryers, or bright lights. Instead, clean your leather toy with a damp rag and soap or leather conditioner. Note that this does not apply to faux leather.

Storing toys properly can also help prolong their life. If you have a sex toy drawer, you'll want to make space for your toys instead of stacking them together, as different materials can interfere with each other. You also need to make sure your toys have time to air dry after washing before putting them away.

You can use toys like dildos, vibrators, or butt plugs with condoms to help prolong their life. It's also a safety tip if you share toys with your partner; Just make sure to change the condom every time you use it.

The last trick to getting the most out of your sex toys is to read the ingredients in lubricant. Specific lubricants should not be used with specific sex toy materials. Silicon-based lubricants degrade silicon toys over time. Oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex. When in doubt, aim for water-based lube when pairing with your toys.
When to throw away your sex toys?
Sometimes, when your sex toy comes to an end, it always comes. Mariah Carey famously cried, "I can't live without you!" Voice. But how can you be sure it's time to get rid of a toy?

If you can't clean your toy anymore, it's time to get rid of it. If your toy feels sticky after cleaning, or the overall texture changes, these are important indicators of wear and tear. If you notice any cracks, it's another sign that it's time to buy a new toy.

Any damaged toy batteries or any frayed wires are also important signs of handling the toy. If your jelly toy is more than a year old, it's definitely time to upgrade.

What to do with your sex toys
When you want to get rid of your sex toys, there are alternatives to throwing them in the trash. If your local recycling center collects e-waste, they will accept your toys. Many sex toy retailers offer recycling programs where you can mail in your (properly sanitized) sex toy. They recycle for you, remembering the earth and happiness.

I hope we've helped answer the question "How long do sex toys last" and provided some insight into how to extend the life of sex toys so that you can enjoy them forever.