homemade sex machine

You come home tired and stressed after a long day. I could think of nothing but cold showers and fun with myself. You realize you need a sex machine to end your mood. If you decide to buy a sex machine now, it might be expensive, but there's good news. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new sex machine, you can use a DIY sex machine for the time being. Although the homemade sex machine is not desirable, because the quality is not the best, and can break down at any time, there is a risk.

That's why we suggest you take a look back at one of our many best sex toys. However, you can now DIY your sex machine with a few tips and some guidance.

What do you need?

Before you rush out to build a DIY sex machine, you might want to grab a pen and paper and write down the ingredients for this dinner. Don't worry, you can easily find these items around you or at any local store, and they're not expensive either. At least you won't be spending that much money on a new sex machine.

Motor: This is what makes a machine move. You can get about 12V wiper motor. This one is easy to buy and not expensive. Note that it's a bit noisy, so you might want to be prepared to turn on background music, especially if you're not living alone.

Speed Controller: This section allows you to control the speed of your DIY machine. While it may be tempting to go cheap, we recommend that you get a 9 to 60 DC voltage or anyone who can maintain the motor voltage you get.

Power source: Find a power source that can carry the governor and motor you bought. If you've got what we recommend above, power modules 5 through 6A should work.

Rod with vacuum U-lock attachment: This will help you determine the length of your trip, depending on your preference.

Shell: You need a shell to hold all these parts. The box you choose should be able to accommodate (comfortably) the motor and shaft you use.

Screw, air pipe joint, bolt, shaft hook, bolt, ball joint, etc. Tie your homemade machines together.

How to build an operating machine?

If at any point the steps seem too technical, don't be afraid to ask for help during construction so you don't hurt yourself. Also, you have to remember that it's not as beautiful as it looks online. Worse (or better), it may not even work. But for creative architecture, you can always experiment. The more you try, the better the results will be. So, let's start building a damn machine.

Select a joint nut (approx. 25 mm long) to match the rotary arm screw (approx. 8 mm long) and attach it to a similar screw. Pay attention to the arm length of the screw and the arm length of the stroke rod, so that there is a convenient adjustment of the space.

Connect the arm to the travel shaft with a shaft coupling and use a matching screw (approx. 8 mm).

Don't forget to install the shaft bearings. Can prevent joint rupture.

Expand the shaft from the default Settings and use a set of duct connectors to connect the members. By using an air connector instead of other connecting parts, the negative end will be easily mounted on the shaft when you use tape.

While you may need a more detailed tutorial on how to build a sex machine, this step-by-step guide will get you through the basics.

Building a machine is not as scary as it sounds. But congratulations on building your own complete sex machine.

But again, don't make this a hobby. DIY sex machines are not durable, unreliable, and 100% safe. It's always best to buy a sex machine from a reliable source.

Luckily, we specialize in giving honest reviews of the best sex toys, all for your pleasure. If you're interested in finding the right sex machine to spend the hottest time with yourself or your partner, be sure to check out some of these. Most importantly, you'll find a budget that works for you -- no doubt about it.