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Let's face it, we both like sex. Whether it's a romantic evening with your partner or an intense solo get-together with a realistic sex toy, these special moments of intimacy are the best way to unwind after a long day. But sadly, penetration isn't always as easy as our favorite adult movie stars seem, and sometimes we need a little help. Luckily, Sex Angel Lover is here to help.

If you're having a little trouble, it's probably because you need more lubrication. Lubricants are perfect to help with penetration, reduce friction, and relax various holes during sexual intercourse. While some parts of the body produce lubricant on their own, it's not always enough to facilitate sex. In this case, having sex can lead to extreme discomfort and even injury, which is sure to ruin your romantic evening.

By using a water-based lubricant, you can ensure that you and your partner have a more comfortable experience during intercourse. With effective penetration AIDS, you can worry less about struggling to get into your partner and focus more on having a good time and enjoying the physical sensations.

Using the right lubricant can greatly help vaginal penetration. But for people who like to use the back door, anal lubricant is a must because the hole does not produce natural lubrication like the vagina. If you want to spice things up, using flavored lube oils can add a new sensory experience.

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Read below to find out how to choose the ideal lubricant for your needs, and check out a description of the 10 best lubricant products available from our store.
What are the different kinds of lubricants?
Lubricants come in all forms, which is important because everyone has different needs. Perhaps the most important difference when choosing a lubricant is what its main ingredients are. Most personal lubricants are either water-based or silicon-based. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It should be used for different purposes.

Let's look at the difference between water-based lubricants and silicon-based lubricants to see what all the fuss is about.

Water based lubricant
Water-based lubricants are the most versatile and safest of all the different lubricants. It is very effective as an insertion aid when having sex with a human partner and is safe to use with any sex toy. In addition, the lubricant does not compromise the integrity of latex condoms, which is an issue with some other products.

If you are a first time buyer and you want to make sure your choice is safe, water-based lubricants may be the right product for you.

Silicone lubricating oil
Silicon-based lubricants have some significant benefits. Their ability to lubricate is unmatched, so you may get amazing results. In addition, they are more durable and less prone to allergic reactions than water-based ones.

However, there are also some disadvantages that need to be noted. Firstly, silicon-based lubricants are not suitable for all sex toys and often cause damage and unsanitary conditions. So before allowing your particular toys to come into contact with silicon-based lubricants, you'll have to research them.

What can lubricating oil be used for?
Intimacy lubricants have a variety of applications that can improve your comfort level in a variety of sexual situations. Its main function is to aid penetration during sexual intercourse between two partners. This is a particularly useful anal lubricant because the hole is more likely to need manual lubrication. In addition, it can be used to promote the use of sex toys, which usually do not produce lubricant on their own.

Flavored lube oils are also a good choice for those who like to add more fun to their sexual activities.

Flavoring lubricants and standard lubricants
If you like to keep things simple and classic in your bedroom, then a standard lube without any spices might be best for you. But if you like to try something adventurous, you might be interested in purchasing flavored lubricants. Personal lubricants, which come in many different flavors, can add new dimensions to your sexual experience and make it more fun for you and your partner.

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