sex machine for women

We all have girlfriends like that. You know that person -- amazing, successful, beautiful, passionate -- she's dating a loser, and obviously, she could do better. (Maybe that girlfriend is you.) You already told her what you thought, and even she knew the guy was bad news, so what kept her there? The good news is, she's not totally crazy.

Here are some reasons why she hasn't stopped dating the wrong guy.

1) Time invested (i.e., wasted).

We often don't understand the concept of time. How many times have we heard "But I've invested so much time in a relationship." It's a cost, not an investment. Investing money (if done correctly) generates more money. Unfortunately, investing more time in men does not lead to more time. Once the moment passes, it's gone forever. Another month or day won't make an unhealthy relationship better. This is the equivalent of throwing good money after bad. The last six months, two years, you haven't had time to date that bastard. So the question now becomes, "How do you fix it?" The answer is simple. You don't. You cut your losses and move on.

2) She had sex with him and it was great.

It's really good. Women (who are looking for a long-term relationship leading to marriage) are often cautioned against "hooking up." I can tell you why in four short syllables: ox-to-cin! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, oxytocin is the hormone responsible for producing powerful contractions during labor, promoting breastfeeding, and creating a sense of intimacy. When a woman gives birth, a flood of oxytocin floods the bloodstream, thus creating a lifelong "unconditional love" for the mother's baby. Here's the question -- guess when other women experience oxytocin release? (Hint: This word starts with the same letter.) Oxytocin is also released during orgasm! Yes, that's why women automatically develop a crush on an ugly man after touching him. So, if this guy is doing his thing, and he's doing it well, you're screwed.

3) She doesn't like herself.

Many women stay in bad relationships because, many times, they don't believe they can do better. You might counter that your girlfriend isn't like that. Yes, she is one of the most confident people you know, and you can't even imagine how low she feels. Maybe you're right. The truth is, we all have a strong desire to avoid cognitive dissonance. In English, this means that what you say you feel doesn't match what your subconscious actually feels, so we seek a world that aligns with our deepest beliefs. Here's an example: If your deepest belief is that you are awesome (your belief) and people tell you that you are awesome (confirmation from others), you will attract and attract more people who love you and accept your awesome (agree with your deeply held beliefs). If so, then life is fucking great!